Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Socialization?? (1)

OK. So you go to work every day, and everyone you work with is the same age as you. Employees who are a different age (or reading level, for that matter), are put in a separate section of your office building. You never have close relationships with someone who is not your own age. It's important to you to know the ages of everyone you meet, because if someone is younger than you, it would be embarrassing to "hang out" with them. After all, what would your peer group think? When you go to the water cooler, you inevitably meet that bullying employee who demands your lunch money. If you don't give it to him, he beats you up. Being enlightened in the methods of "socialization" you gratefully thank him for helping you to learn how to better deal with others. Oh yeah, and every 40 minutes, a bell rings signifying that you must change desks with other employees, and whatever work you were doing is supposed to be put away, because nothing is so important that it should be finished right away.

Yeah. I'm glad the education/psychology experts have it all figured out for the rest of us. Because I would never have seen the reality of how government mandated schooling prepares us for "real" life situations.


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