Monday, June 9, 2008

Are You a Monkey?

At least that's what Vatican is insinuating.

The Vatican's newspaper had an article published in the May 5-6 edition where it said that "God willed a spark of intelligence to light up in the mind of a nonhuman hominid and thus came into existence the humans as a being."

What they are saying is that humans were evolving to a certain point, then miraculously God puts a spark of intelligence in some animals and whoosh they're human.

Of course, that this whole thing violates the Scripture is not important. God is God and He can use evolution if He wants, but that is not how it shows in the Scripture.

If Adam evolved from a part nonhuman hominid part human and Adam came closer to a human race, why, then God told Moses that He made Adam from the dust of the ground and Eve from his rib?

The Bible says that death entered the world with Adam's sin. If evolution is true, death took place long before. Also it says that Adam became alive after God breath the breath of life. If evolution is true, Adam was alive before as a monkey/hominid.

It is very frustrating to see how Christians water down the authority of Scripture. Evolution can't stand up to scrutinizing.


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