Thursday, June 19, 2008

Liberals: The Real Danger to Free Speech

Free speech is under attack from liberal groups who want to silence all opposition. To liberals, free speech in our nation is a "problem" that needs to be fixed, and if the liberals get their way, it will. At the rate we are going on issues concerning free speech, there will be no tolerance by liberals of any viewpoint different from their own. Disagreements will be redefined as "hate" speech, and will be punished with jail.

The systematic dismantling of free speech by liberals in government has even reached our college campuses. Long considered as places where the robust exchange of ideas was encouraged, college campuses are now governed by written "civility" and "speech" codes. On many campuses, Christian viewpoints and speech are banned as being violations of speech and civility codes. This is a reality-thanks to liberal progressive politics.

Civility and speech codes take many forms and are used primarily to suppress Christian evangelism on public university campuses.

Specifically, it is Christian speech from the Bible that is being attacked by the liberal university policies that promote the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) groups. These groups demand tolerance of their viewpoint (and they get it), while they demand that the university administrators not tolerate any opposing viewpoint (which they also get).

New hate-crime legislation which protects the GLBT groups will certainly make Christians the targets of many more arrests, and not for acting illegally, but for having a viewpoint that is considered by liberal progressives to be hate. Europe is already criminalizing "thoughts" and "viewpoints".

I know there will be at least one liberal who will read this and be "offended", and I am extending a challenge to you. In terms of beliefs, do you want our Judeo-Christian values to be replaced with your liberal-progressive policies? If yes, describe what our nation's "new" values will consist of.

For everyone else, when Islam is attacking Christianity, who will you trust with our nation's security, liberal progressives or conservatives?



Unknown said...

You don't quote a single source. Your post is a rambling, simplistic, barely readable mess of drivel.

Who specifically is limiting speach? Name a college, a group, a person. What speach, specifically, have they limited? I fail to see any identifiable threat. Until you can point one out, your opion is not something that I can take seriously.

Cristina M. said...

There are too many to quote. You can read all about ACLU trying to silence every christian.

My posts are not supposed to report the news, they are my ramblings and my opinions after reading the news. Google and put some key-words in and you'll have all the quotes you want.

Unknown said...

Ramblings, indeed.