Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Should Public School Be Illegal?

Each year, the US spends more than $ 550 billion on K-12 public schools, more than 4% of the nation's gross domestic product.

On the 2007 National Assessement of Educational Progress test, 33% of 4th grade students scored "below basic" in reading, 29% of 8th graders scored "below basic" in math.

The US Department of Education's National Assessement of Adult Literacy found that 14% of American adults scored "below basic" in literacy.

The poor performance in America's schools also imposes greater costs such as higher social welfare payments imposed on our communities. Overall, the systematic failure of our public schools threatens our nation's future prosperity and security.

Poorly educated adults are less likely to make a positive contribution to society and are more likely to be dependent on government services.

The calls for all homeschool parents to get teaching credentials, to test the homeschool students, to make it illegal, and other such things, are all in vain seeing all the good results the homeschool families provide.

The failing of public school system filled with drugs, bad socialization, sex, homosexual agendas, disrespect for authority, and the list goes on, makes us ask:

Should public schools be illegal?


Unknown said...

Things you will never teach your children in your home school, which I can see plainly from your blog:

#1 Proper spelling and grammar.
#2 How to quote sources when attempting to write a persuasive article, and
#3 There are three types of lies. Lies, damn lies and statistics.

I feel very sorry for your children and implore you to find a suitable school for them, public or private. They will thank you when they are older.

Cristina M. said...

I prefer my children not know spelling and grammar (do all public schooled children know??) than be indoctrinated with the liberal agenda.

Unknown said...

Well, thank you for adding to the unemployment rate then. Your children will never be able to get a decent job. How satisfactory would it be to you if they end up on welfare?

Also, if you're so worried about whatever percieved "liberal agenda" there is, send them to a religious school. At least they will receive a real education from a qualified teacher that way.

Cristina M. said...

If you read the real news, not only the liberal ones, you could see that many good colleges court homeschooled kids. Spelling and geography bees are filled with hs kids.

If a qualified teacher is the answer to land a succes job, how come many people that finished public shcool are illiterate and on welfare?

Who is bringing up the unemployment rate?

Cristina M. said...

PS. English is my second language. In how many languages are you able to write and read?