Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Life under communists

- The lawyers remained in office only if they agreed with communist ideas.

- The law said: "courts must protect the interests of the working class, protect democracy and punish enemies".

- The enemies were the factory owners, landlords, bankers and whoever was against the construction of socialism.

- Whoever attended libraries, concerts, manifestations of imperialist propaganda (free people of the west) was liable to be arrested.

- Whoever did not comply with collectivization (stealing the wealth of people who have worked a lifetime) was sent to labor camps.

- The right to own property was violated coarsely. As well as freedom of speech, of the press, of meetings and demonstrations.

- Communist Party has violated all laws, including its own.

- "Hating elements" were deported to labor colonies. Tens of thousands of people were forced to leave their places and families to live in huts, because they did not agree with party politics.

- The president gave orders to save energy and population to be starved on purpose. After 6 pm, the power went off. In the winter, the temperature in homes was below 40°F. Romania was dominated by cold, hunger and fear.

- Nobody could publish a book if it did not say how wise and wonderful the president is.

- A government committee went in farmers' household to collect items. Were there 2 pigs? One belonged to the state. If you wanted to kill a cow to eat it, you needed gov. approval, after they took a portion of it. If the cow had a calf? That calf belonged to the government.

- Farmers could buy sugar, oil and other things they could not grow, if pay money + products they grow. For 2 lb of sugar, they had to pay money + 2 eggs. Also they had to give a portion to the government of ALL the goods they grew.

- "Scientists" have established the number of calories people needed. And food rationing appeared. All kind of food. For a family of 4:

-2 lb of sugar every other month - if available
- 1 loaf of bread per day, many times stale,
- 8 eggs per month - if available in the stores,
- 8 oz margarine - when available, butter seen twice a year,
- 8 oz salami when the stores were supplied,
- 2 pints milk every other day, sometimes magically transformed in buttermilk.

- To save gas, on one Sunday, only cars with even # plates were allowed on street, then next Sunday, cars with odd # plates. Gas was rationed.

- Every basic thing like soap, detergents and toilet paper was scarce that was needed to give bribes to get some.

- The president said that 4 lb of soap per year, per family should be enough.

- Bribing, relations, have become the only chance to live normally. You were needed to bribe to be treated decent while in a hospital, to go to a resort, to register a child to a good school, etc.

- Hospitals had products rationed: alcohol, syringes, medications and all basic resources.

- What products were scarce and you could brag if you had them?

fresh bread, sugar, oil, eggs, butter, meat, coffee, soft drinks, jeans, sneakers, whiskey, candy, chocolate, gum, oranges, bananas, cassette players, cameras, deodorants.

- People were put on a waiting list to buy refrigerators, stoves, cars. The waiting was as long as 2-3 years before you can get any of them.

This is how people in Romania lived for about 50 years as the communism grew roots into people's hearts. Even now, after 20 years of liberty, it is hard to give up that mentality.
How do you like to live in a country like that? Then wake up and do something!!



Anonymous said...

Excellent! I think people are waking up more and more, but I just read the Reader's Digest (a non-political, feel good sort of publication) and it is just chock full of propaganda, embedded in nearly every line. How do you compete with that?

Cristina M. said...

Michelle, people in this country have no idea what's in store for them. Hopefully it's not too late to do something and not let the ACORN to take over this country.