Sunday, August 2, 2009

Make time!

The socialists knew everything on how to how to make man not have free time at all. Wasting time was an unsaid motto of those who led the country so long. And habits do not disappear so easily.

People were forced to work overtime, Sundays included. The works in the field was not allowed with agricultural machines, but with hand tools. Transportation was scarce and people spent most of their free time walking from one place to another. Obtaining a small piece of paper or apply for a card meant the loss of at least one day of your life. For 2 pig hoofs you had to wait in line for hours at the only grocery store in the city or village.

Maybe you wonder why? What can be the purpose? The answer is simple: if you have too much time on your hands, you start to think about freedom, you start reading, have initiative, understand the need for private space, need for association, for communications. Wasting time is wasting of opportunities.

If you want to be nobody, waste time! You will never have anything! And you will never be free!


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