Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Education in Obama Era

Focus on Early Childhood Education

The years before a child reaches kindergarten are among the most critical in his or her life to influence learning. President Obama is committed to providing the support that our youngest children need to prepare to succeed later in school. The President supports a seamless and comprehensive set of services and support for children, from birth through age 5

If Obama thinks the early years are so important, why does he wants to take the children away from their parents, when it's proven that children do better when they are with their parents?

Because the President is committed to helping all children succeed – regardless of where they spend their day – he will urge states to impose high standards across all publicly funded early learning settings, develop new programs to improve opportunities and outcomes, engage parents in their child’s early learning and development, and improve the early education workforce.

High standards across the board? I mean, what happens if a 10 month old baby does not start walking as the standards require? Or if a baby is not potty trained by the time he reaches 1 year, what's the punishment? Oh, and for enforcing "the early education workforce" ... good lock making plans on a 3 year old's salary!

President Obama will reform America’s public schools to deliver a 21st Century education that will prepare all children for success in the new global workplace.

So, that's it, no? We all thought the mission of the school was to educate the child to achieve his potential, but the mission is now to transition the student to the workplace. Little robots that go to work to pay taxes to the government.

Teachers are the single most important resource to a child’s learning.

With this statement, Obama says that the parents are too stupid, inept, inane, feeble-minded and moronic to be able to raise their own children. The best compliment, right?

Aside for the fact that what government is doing is unconstitutional, why do we have to listen to the most incapable and incompetent president?


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