Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party, California - A Dear Friend

This lady came from the same communist country I came 14 years ago. I love the way she is explaining to people in Modesto, California, why it's a good idea to keep our country free. I hope she encouraged many people to not give up and keep up the good fight.



Susannah said...

My, my, my...she knows about which she speaks...We don't. And because 'we' don't, we're being led down the Obama path straight into it.

It's like that thing about 'how do you boil a frog'? By putting him in boiling water? NO! He'll jump out. Put him in cool water, turn the heat on & he'll swim around, not realizing it's getting hotter, until it's too late to jump (no, I've never tried this at home!).

We're the frog. We'd better jump quick, before the water starts boiling.

Susannah said...

You came here from Romania? :)

Cristina M. said...

Thanks Susannah for commentig here. You are really skilled with words and I love reading your posts. Yeah, I came from the ex-communist country,Romania, lived the communism/socialism thru and thru.