Friday, April 17, 2009

The Greatest Hypocrite Ever

Remember Obama's "spread the wealth around"? Well, of course it's nice to do that when it's not his money. Look at the graph below and see how much he gave to charities and how running for presidency changed that a lot. Most of his contributions were to CARE, an organization that steal people's money claiming it's for global warming, and to United Negro College Fund, $25,000 for each. How about The United White College Fund? doesn't's tooo racist.





Unknown said...

I enjoy much of post re homeschooling. I thank you for the informative income info that you listed. I am not sure why color/race had to come into your discussion. The United Negro College Fund has always and continues to offer scholarship regardless of ethnicity as well as its members schools which are prominently historically black colleges do not discriminate but is open to all races. There may be an exception as to Morehouse all male, and Spellman and Benedict which is all female.

As I am sure you know there are women's clubs, country clubs, and Jack and Jill type clubs that offer scholarships to only their members. Most of whom would be very affluent and usually of similar racial make up.

While politics may get heated. I would hate for your writing, which I have loved to get a bit demeaning in nature.

Wishing you much success and love.

♥♥♥♥♥ Jennifer™® ♥♥♥♥♥ said...

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Freedom from Tyranny said...

I have to agree with Berta. The UNCF is a private foundation offering educational grants to African-American children who otherwise might not be able to go to college. It's private, and therefore beyond scrutiny - the donors don't need to contribute if they think they are doing a bad job.

In fact, one of the things that the UNCF identified as why blacks still trail whites in income is because the majority of degrees granted to blacks are in social services, which is a field that tends to pay less. What UNCF has attempted to do, in order to raise salaries for blacks (rather than through legislation, which is the usual progressive way) is offer scholarships of larger amounts for those who would enroll in Business and Engineering schools, or other professional schools, like medical or law schools. Currently, per capita, there are less blacks than whites in these fields, and thus, since these are the higher paying fields, blacks show less income in surveys.

So, I hope you can see that the UNCF is a conservative's friend. They offer an independent hand up to young black men and women. Rather than criticize them, why don't we start a United Caucasian College Fund, and use it for underprivileged whites (in my field of employment, I meet a lot of them).

Cristina M. said...

Berta, thanks for coming by. I am in no way a racist.

I am bothered, though, by the division in this country: black, white, rich, poor, middle class...

The diplomas I got in the country I came from are not recognized here. Plus, I did not speak ANY english. (and I had a 15 mo baby) Have I received any "special" treatment? Any scholarships from any group? NO. I worked hard and I finished with honors! I am upset when anybody, black, white, red or yellow, expects help from somewhere else when they have all the power. And I know it, too, if McCain will donate that much money to a White college fund, the media will scream "racism".

The double standard kills me.

Cristina M. said...

I have to mention that I am not against rich, poor or middle class. I meant that I hate how politicians are using this division to turn one against another.

Cristina M. said...

Angel of Liberty, how about we start a non-color college fund, and ANYBODY who needs help, can get it?

And that help will only be available after they tried on their own. Personal responsability must be big on that list.

Unknown said...

Ugh, don't you hate how the spammers find a way to get into commenting. I had to moderate my comments just so the sleaze could not get through.


There are several organizations that have and do help predominately White or Latinos or whatever.....but if there one say the need to add to it by a UCCF, than it do it....
But you forgot to not the the UNCF helps on a early basis no less than 20% of non african americans, there main criteria is comes from a household that makes $25,000.00 and would be the first in the family to attain a college degree

The division that are there are only the ones we choose to see or create. Do a quick scholarship search and you will see a multitude of requests....coal miner's daughter, railroad employee's son, 3M employee, etc etc scholarships are in no way limited to color or even financial class. BTW their are millions of scholarship money left unclaimed because no one applies for it.

Many people complain about the "free ride" they may feel another gets. Think of this scenario....if john doe is black poor and wants to go to college, he may apply at say the UNCF, attain a scholarship and head off to college....ok now lets say john doe is white or heck lets leave him black and rich and wants to go to college, he goes and ask he grandpa (because he comes from old money) to send him to college, grandpa says sure and off to college he goes.

What is the difference. Aren't both of them in essence getting a free ride. Both because what they were born into not because they earned it or even deserve it. Both could be bratty little punks, that will do nothing but attend keg parties, and possible drive drunk and injury one of our poor children we are striving so hard to keep safe.

The bible states unforeseen things occur in all of our lives. He allows it to rain on the good and bad. We should not get upset if it seems the unrighteous are attaining more than someone who may be righteous. As the bible states they are getting their full reward. I could care less who get to where and how. I know that I have to work hard daily not only at providing a life for myself and family but more importantly at striving to be a christian. Geesh that is like an all day thing...hehe

Also just a quick note John McCain did give 8% of his income to education as well 3 with an enrollment of less than .05% minority. No no one called him racist. Of course they said many other interesting things about him, no they were not interesting they were mean and unfair. But truly whether he is or is not a racist, whether Obama is or is not, does not matter to me. It wasn't too long ago when a conversation like this between you and I would have landed me in jail. So I'm pretty happy and I serve the Lord not man.

I enjoyed learning the Obama gave barely 10% of his wealth away. I don't care where it went, but you are right it does show he is much more stingy than he claims to be, and McCain gave 13% which I guess is better.

I say go Ron not really, but I just thought I would add that

Love your blog