Thursday, April 30, 2009

Parents Excluded from Multisexual Issues in Schools

Parents are being purposely excluded from multisexual issues in schools, as seen in mounting evidence from California school districts, the National Educational Association, and more.

“This is an effort to force parents out of the classroom. If it’s not this way in your school, it is only a matter of time before your school is confronted with efforts to exclude parents,” said Karen England, Executive Director of Capitol Resource Institute.

Kindergartners learn the definition of “gay,” “lesbian,” and “transgender.”

Students learn about different kinds of families, including kids raised by a mom and dad, grandparents, and same-sex parents. In all age groups, the multisexual message is being woven into everyday instruction.

State law now mandates that schools accept homosexual, bisexual, and transsexual behaviors. San Francisco Unified School District explicitly interprets state law to mean that the district does not need to notify parents about many multisexual discussions in school curriculum and activities.


Coming to a state near you......



Red said...


I wish schools would just stick to teaching and stop trying to cram their ethics and sexual definitions at our kids.

Even if I had been told about gay lifestyles as a KINDERGARTNER I wouldn't have had the mindset to incorporate that into my daily life. It still would have been 'weird' to me.

Stop indoctrinating our children into the liberal agenda, I say. Throwing money at schools obviously isn't a help either. The quality of education is going downhill because schools are too busy trying to recruit our kids at a young age instead of teaching them the basics to be competitive in the world market.

Cristina M. said...

Exactly! If they do the job they are paid for, we won't score last among the 3rd world countries....

Teacher/Mom said...

Hey Christina,

Head over to my blog. I've got someone wanting to debate the Universal Healthcare thing. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. The comments are listed in the entry linking to yours. Thanks.

Teacher/Mom said...

Thanks for posting comments. Seems Riku wants to keep this up so I put up a new post in response. This is the problem with public schools. They produce people with this mindset who don't understand how things work and who come out with this entitlement thinking. It is truly frustrating. Blessings to you.

Dennis N said...

It sounds to me like they're basically saying these people and families exist. They may even mention that it's not ok to discriminate against them, which is true. So what is the problem? Do you deny that gay people exist or that some children have two dads?

Cristina M. said...

Dennis, it bothers me that teachers try very hard to undermine the parental authority.

I wonder if on that spelling list, along with words like "gay" and "homosexuality" are also words like "christianity" or "Jesus"....mmhmm....I didn't think so. Why? Do they deny that Christianity exists, or that some children are Christians?

Cristina M. said...

Another thing: a teacher's job is to teach academics, not social engineering.

Dennis N said...

Christianity and Christian should be left off the list because they run afoul of the first amendment.

When you say undermine parental authority, do you mean undermine the authority to shield them from knowledge, or undermine their ability to raise children who hate gay people?

Cristina M. said...

Really? What part of "or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" is not clear? How about the word "Lord" or "Creator"? That is in the Constitution, isn't it? How come it's not on the spelling list?

Staw man. Christian parents don't teach their kids to hate gays, only their sinful action. Parents have the right to know what their kids are taught in school.

Also, are words like "bestiality", "pedophile", "poligamy" or "rape" on the list? Why not? Or at least...not yet. There are words that a kindergartner doesn't need to know how to spell.

How come there are students who graduate high school and don't even know how to read, let along to spell? In many competitions among countries, United States ends up on the bottom of the list. Is that because they did not know how to spell "gay"? I don't think so.

After the teachers teach all the grammar there is to know, all the math, all the literature, all the science, all the history, geography, and the children know all these facts forward and backward....ONLY THEN we can discuss about such a spelling list.

Dennis N said...

The word Creator is not in the Constitution. Not even once. The word Lord is only used in the term Year of our Lord, which is a colloquialism like A.D. It was simply a way of measuring time, not a recognition of religion. You don't get to have religion in schools.

The reason words like gay should be taught while beastiality should not, is because their fellow students have gay parents or gay relatives. Ignorance breeds fear. There is nothing wrong with being gay, it hurts no one. However, demonizing them is harmful. You can't attack what they do without attacking who they are. There's no reason they should be ashamed of it. Trying to connect homosexuality with rape and pedophilia is offensive and low.

Dennis N said...

On the bright side, gays are becoming more and more accepted, states opposing gay marriage are falling like dominoes (NH is getting gay marriage literally as I type this), and in time your views will seem as outdated to future generations as racist views do now. That leaves me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Cristina M. said...

No, Creator is not in the Constitution, but in DoI. Still, an important document in our country.

Yeah, read the documents of our founding fathers and you will see that Christianity was imbeded in their actions. They prayed in the federal buildings, transforming them in churches on Sunday, paid federal money to print Bibles and so on. I think the writers of the Constitution knew better what it says than any lawyer from ACLU.

Some kids also have parents that are pedophiles. We should preach to our kids that those actions are perfectly fine, right? Why is it low to compare the two? Why do you want to draw the line after gays? Isn't it discrimination? Who gives the gays the power to draw the line where they want?

Sadly, you are right. Gays are more accepted because the morals of this country are going down the drains. Many Christians don't stand up for the truth any more.

I don't care that my views will be outdated in the coming years, I don't try to please men, but God. My kids are homeschooled, so there is not a chance that the gay agenda is shoveled through their throat. You can feel as fuzzy as you want, it does not matter a bit to me.