Thursday, August 7, 2008

In Loco Parentis

As NEA (National Education Association) has successfully campaigned for increased governmental control over education, the rights of parents in these matters has significantly decreased. Coincidentally, the literacy rate has dropped as government control of schools has increased. Parents no longer have much influence over curriculum. When they object to occultic or sexually explicit literature in the school libraries, they are castigated as "right-wing, fundamentalist book-burners." The schools self-righteously insist upon the students' "right" to access to such material. Yet, this same "right" does not apply to the Bible or materials which promote Judeo-Christian ethics, topics the NEA has deemed to be offensive.

The situation has escalated to the point that schools now operate under the doctrine on in loco parentis, which allows the state to take the place of the parent. Because of this doctrine, when a child is enrolled in, dropped off at, or attends class in a public school, he becomes the property of the state. The NEA is a strong supporter of early sex education, school-based health clinics which provide abortion counseling, and school sponsored condom distribution. Not surprisingly, the NEA is in favor of ratifying the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The NEA has also been outspoken about its intent that the schools replace the parent in teaching values to the students. History books have been rewritten to exclude an "offensive" mention to the religious, Judeo-Christian heritage of this country. Absolute values have been shelved for situational ethics. At many schools, students are not even taught the Pledge of Allegiance. Some teachers encouraged their students to create a bulletin board around the theme "I disagree with my parents about..." (B. Scott, Children No More)

How low can these kind of organizations bring our society? What can we do?


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