Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Assault Continues

For decades, we have been performing an experiment with the American family. The result has been dismal failure. Yet, the pressure to continue this destructive path continues. In spite of much rhetoric, nothing has been done to alter the structure of the institutional slavery known as welfare.

Children thrive best with a stay-at-home parent, yet the prevalence of single-parent families and oppressive taxation eliminates this possibility for many families.

At a time when young people desperately need discipline, social services agencies are allowed to dictate what form that discipline may take. There is a concerted effort to make any form of corporal punishment a crime, even though no data exists which would indicate that spanking, when used with discretion, has ever caused any harm. In fact, as spanking has gone out of vogue, the incidence of violence has increased.

Parents who use other methods of discipline are also at risk for abuse charges. Children have been removed from homes because a 12 yo was not allowed to wear make-up to school, because a pregnant 14 yo was grounded from seeing her gang-member boyfriend, and because a young teen lost phone privileges after coming home late. Instead of empowering parents, government programs and policies seem bent on destroying the family completely.

On 16 February 1995, M. Albright signed the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. But this treaty does NOT protect children. Children are already protected by law from abuse. Unfortunately, abuse still occurs because laws do not change the heart. It is ridiculous to think that a United Nations treaty can guarantee anyone a happy childhood. In fact, this treaty actually destroys a fundamental right of all children: the right to be raised in a loving home, free from bureaucratic interference. (B. Scott, Children no More)


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