Monday, August 11, 2008

Educating the Politically Correct

Not only have the public schools increasingly usurped parental roles, they have also become indoctrination centers for political correctness. Beginning in the earliest grades, children are actively recruited for various causes. Scientifically inaccurate information is fed to students regarding world population growth, global warming, and natural resources until they feel guilty for being human.

Texts are typically aimed at playing on the fears of young children. Children are encouraged to sign "save-the-earth" pledges, to support abortion as a cure to overpopulation, to chastise parents for unwise use of resources, and to become militant activists for the environmental movement. Of course, children should be taught to be thrifty and resourceful, but this kind of exploitation is despicable.Children should not be made to feel that their existence is a threat to the survival of earth. No child should be made to feel guilty for being alive.



Anonymous said...

really true. I am so blessed that I can " indoctrinate" my children. :)

Cristina M. said...

Tell me about it. :) It's better that we "indoctrinate" our own children than somebody else.