Monday, October 20, 2008

Rights and Responsabilities

We heard in the third debate this question: Is health care a right, or a responsibility?

B. Obama said that it should be a right. Where does that right originates from? Health care is a product. Whether be a physical product - in pharmaceuticals, or a product of labor - at the hands of a doctor. If you have a right to something, who is that to provide it? The government. Where does the government gets its resources from? The taxpayer. You and me! That means that when a person has the right, another person has the responsibility. You can't separate right to responsibilities. Rights are not a social commodity. They are not a social capital, where one person's rights can be elevated while decreasing rights of another. Rights are individual. There are no such thing as collective rights. The rights of a individual are not negotiable at the hands of another individual.

Nowhere in Constitution is mentioned that because you exist and you are processing oxygen, that you have the right to health care. We, the individual tax payer will be responsible for the behavior of every single other American.

Let's take homosexuality for an example:

You have a person A and a person B. They decided that they wanted to have unprotected gay sex. This is a behavior that we cannot regulate. If one of them transmits a life-threatening disease to another, guess who pays the bill? YOU and ME!!They have the right to behave that way and you have the responsibility to pay for it.

What Obama is unwilling to do is calling what it is: socialism. When you say one person has the right and the other person has the responsibility, you describe socialism. If you want the government to really work for us: the hell to be at work on time, the hell to working hard and do a good job, quit your job, get drunk and pee on yourself. Just lay in the street. Obama will take care of you. He'll give you a house, free food, health care.

We need food before we need doctors, right? So if people need health care and therefore is their right to have it and you have the responsibility to provide it, why not universal nutrition? Why not have the government step in and decide that cattle farmers, poultry farmers, corn farmers, own their product of their labor to hungry people? Not a free market, its entitled! They need it.

We need houses? Universal shelter, universal housing. How about clothing? Universal apparel. You think it's too far?? Under FDR, the government had no problem with the idea that the government was going to nationalize retirement, and tell every single American they had no right but to participate in social security. We are so used to it.

This is not compassion. Compassion is something we do from the goodness of our heart. When the government makes us do it, it's compulsion.

People have the right to be gay, to be fat, to be drunk, to be high, to be stupid and you have the responsibility to pay. You, go to work! You, get up in the morning! You, sacrifice time away from your family, go to work, push, pull, dig, sweat!! Spend extra time on the job! Work double shift! You owe it to them! They are hungry, they're tired, they're poor, they're needy! It's your fault! You are not working for yourself and your family, you are working for everybody else! You don't own your own labor! You don't own your productivity! You don't own your mind!

Obama does!!

He's going around to tell everybody they are entitled to their behavior, the suckers are going to pay!!

WE, the idiots!!

If you assume a right, you assume the responsibility. If you say "this is my right" then it's your responsibility to deal with the consequences. Your can't say "you don't have the responsibility to pursuit the happiness for you, you have the responsibility to pursue it for me'!!!!!!!!!!


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