Sunday, October 12, 2008

Don't vote marxist

What happens if we elect a marxist to the presidency? The foundation will start to crack. Maybe not right away, but it will crack. Aren't we live in a soft tyranny today?? Let's see:

One third (1/3) of Americans do not pay any federal income taxes. Two thirds (2/3) are the ones that are carrying the entire burden, and of those 2/3, top 50% is paying 97% of the tax burden for everybody else.

Obama wants to redistribute wealth, but just how much more does he wants to redistribute?? He says that 95% of Americans will get a tax break. How can that possibly be when only 2/3 pay? Do you know how? It is called the massive welfare state. The saying is that Obama is going to take more money from those who pay income taxes and give it to the people who don't pay any income taxes. That's called welfare.

In the Constitution, tax bills come out of the House of representatives. The last two years' tax bills, were Nancy Pelosi's tax bills. Do you hear Obama bragging about that?

I think every citizen of this country should pay some income taxes so they a stake on what's going on. If you get to vote, then you ought to pay some taxes. This is what the libs figured it out: if they can get close to 50% of people not paying taxes, they'll own the country, because they will be able to beat out the productive sector.

Where these politicians get of and tell us that they can do these things and we have to surrender more and more what we worked for? Where is the example that they are capable of handling what they already have? Why do people who pay taxes, those 2/3, voluntarily vote to surrender their liberty to the federal government??


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