Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Global Warming = Fascism

In the Dailymail British newspaper is described the way the Brits will soon live. I have a little experience with socialism and I can see this is worse. It's fascism. I do not understand how a great country like England, with such brave people, let these things happening to them. Here are some laws they put in place:

The march of the Big Brother state under Labour was highlighted last night as it was revealed that there are now 1,043 laws that give the authorities the power to enter a home or business.
Nearly half have been introduced since Labour came to power 11 years ago. They include the right to:
• Invade your home to see if your pot plants have pests or do not have a 'plant passport' (Plant Health England Order 2005).
• Survey your home and garden to see if your hedge is too high (Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003).
• Check that accommodation given to asylum seekers is not being lived in by non-asylum seekers (Immigration and Asylum Act 1999).
• Raid a house to check if unlicensed gambling is taking place (Gambling Act 2005 Inspection Regulations 2007).
• Seize fridges without the correct energy rating (Energy Information Household Refrigerators and Freezers Regulations 2004).
The rise in clipboard-wielding state inspectors flies in the face of repeated pledges by Ministers to curb the power of bureaucrats.
The full extent of the state's 'powers of entry' is revealed in documents slipped out quietly by the Government last week.


This is what Al Gore wanted. He does not care one bit about the planet or anything else besides his pockets. He wants power. This will be America in 10 years if we are not careful. Soon, we'll sleep, walk, eat with fear. With fear that Big Brother will get me or you next. What a shame!

Wake Up, America!!!!!!!


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