Thursday, May 29, 2008

Our Liberty is in Danger!

¶ " An official of the Traditional Values Coalition testified today before the Fairfax County, Virginia Board of Supervisors and asked county officials to release a report commissioned on classroom materials in use at the Islamic Saudi Academy (ISA).In October, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom recommended that the State Department close the academy after a review of classroom material provided by the Saudi government for use in its schools in America. A commission spokesperson said the material promoted violence against non-Muslims."

¶ "A group of Muslim workers allege they were fired by a New Brighton tortilla factory for refusing to wear uniforms that they say were immodest by Islamic standards."

These are only a couple of the latest news that show that our liberty is in danger.

From the former news we learn that there are islamic school who teach against America. They teach to hate America and to refuse to believe in the American dream. From the latter we see that Americans have to bow down to any request of muslims. People come here for opportunity and freedom. You have the opportunitiy to work, and the freedom to quit if you don't want to follow your employers rules. Our money are spent to accomodate their every whim. Otherwise we're called intolerant.

That's not intolerance, that's suicide. No society that promotes diversity over unity can survive.

When tolerance of our culture is used against us by people who are intolerant, then what does the future hold? Is it only the cross and star of David that offend? Christmas carols?

If we continue down this path, it will lead to social suicide, not social tolerance. It will disarm us from any ability to function!

Let's all pray that the God-given rights are preserved in this great country.


Anonymous said...

salutari de la un fellow homeschooler. :)

Cristina M. ;)

Anonymous said...

my prins on line. :)
A fost o decizie luata inainte de a ne casatori. In principiu, ca si toata lumea vrem sa oferim copiilor nostri ce a mai buna educatie, atat academica cat si spirituala. Cea mai buna solutie a fost sa ii invatam acasa. De aici am pornit la drum si o luam cate year by year. :)
In ce stat locuiesti? Noi suntem in KY.

Cristina M.

AdrianaB said...

Salut fetele libere:p... Ma grupez repede langa voi, si eu vreau HS, din sept. incep cu baietelul de 6 ani... Pe ksmommy o cunosc:), Cristina M tu pe unde esti? Mai ai alte grupuri de HS pe langa tine?

Cristina M. said...

@liman racoros- imi place numele

noi stam in Michigan. Am multe grupuri de hs, dar nici o familie de romani, de aceea m-am bucurat sa o cunosc pe ksmommy.

AdrianaB said... sunt in NY.:((..